Hey! How is it going?

Here you are

You’re a do-gooder.  An idealist.  A social change agent . You have committed your professional life –skills, talents, passion — to improving your piece of the world making it better for you and others.  You might work at a non profit, or a foundation or you may be what they call a “ social entrepreneur.”  You, like me, share the belief that social change is our bottom line and we do our work to serve that purpose. I welcome you to my tribe.

Right now

You are at a crossroads in your social change career. You have moved up the ladder from worker bee to manager to executive.  Or maybe you have decided to start your own business or organization dedicated  to working on that social ill  which is close to your heart. You know that it can be solved.  But you also know that you will need to be a leader.

When you step into your leadership

You will:

Know the value that your bring
Be seen and trusted as an adviser and decision-maker
Use your influence and authority to inspire both inside and outside of your office
Encourage others to lead

You can create social change, but first

You have to learn how to lead. And that is not something that you should learn only on the job.  “Trial by fire” leadership does not work in the long run. We have both seen that, right?

If you want to be an effective leader, you need to know your strengths, your style, your obstacles. You need to practice how to motivate and how to inspire.  You need to know how to lead yourself, people, and social change.  You need to be taught and coached.

When that change occurs, it’s going to be a big deal right? You will be proud.

I can help you because

I believe that people who work in organizations or run businesses where social change is the bottom line are an important commodity. And I believe working with them is a privilege.  I see your capacity to have even more impact and I want to help you do it.  For 15 years, I have been working with leaders like you.

I know leadership is more than a title

If I can teach you a new skill that you did not have before to add to your leadership toolbox, then I am elated. If I can help you  deal with the fearful challenge in front of you and watch you work your way into solution and strategy that will work, I am satisfied.  If  I can  see how you shift your perspective to know that you CAN lead that you that team, project or organization,  I thrive.

In any of these instances, when I see your head, heart and gut click and your confidence soar, I  smile and know that  I did my job.