Making sure your leadership skills match your leadership responsibilities



to train leaders, facilitate meetings, uplevel your professional goals

and make your workshop a success 



  • Foundations
  • Nonprofits
  • Government agencies

As a leadership consultant, I help progressive, values-based teams, stakeholders, grantees, and fellows have better discussions and become better leaders with professional meeting facilitation services.

I also deliver workshops on leadership and design custom leadership and management workshops according to your organization’s unique needs.

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Meeting facilitation

Leadership workshops: design, training and delivery

I work with individuals and organizations committed to doing their part for the social good.

Together, we create change.

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  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Nonprofit employees
  • Consultants
  • Coaches

As a professional trainer and workshop facilitator with you or your small business, I improve your workshops by teaching you the essential skills that make your next workshop a success.

I’m also available for short-term counseling related to your professional development with a “Pick my brain” strategy session for help with career advancement, proposals, presentations and workshop design.

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Private workshop coaching

“Pick my brain” strategy session